Margate Information

LucyMargate City is located just to the south of Ventnor City and is just north of Longport. The city stretches approximately eight blocks from the Atlantic Ocean to the bay at most points in town.

Margate is the home of Lucy the Margate Elephant, the "largest elephant in the world" and is also the oldest remaining example of zoomorphic architecture left in the United States. Over 65 feet tall and 124 years old, Lucy has been painstakingly restored and is toured by thousands of visitors each year. Marven Gardens, of Monopoly board game fame and a contraction of the words Margate and Ventnor, is also located in Margate.

Margate features two small commercial/business districts, which are located at each end of town. There are a number of popular local businesses, breakfast diners, ice cream parlors, and fine dining establishments in the town. Every Thursday during the summer, the town hosts the Margate Farmers Market, where shoppers can purchase Jersey-grown produce and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Margate is also host to many bayside docks providing the casual fisherman hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Local charter boats offer sport and deep sea fishing. Please visit the Margate website for more information.

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